Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel【4K】SUPERB 5-Star Hotel Review

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Is the Historic Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel Hanoi's Best? Could it be the best urban hotel in Vietnam? Join us at the Metropole Hotel Hanoi, Vietnam for our 5 Star Hotel Review as we take a deep dive into one of Vietnam’s most historic, luxurious and classically French Colonial hotels and hopefully answer all of your questions. We will show an in depth tour of the property, our Grand Premier Room, the facilities, the surroundings and give you a bit of insight into what makes the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel so distinctive and special. Take a look at our video to see if the Metropole might (or might not) be the right choice for your next trip!

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- - - - -Video Contents & Chapters- - - - -
0:00 Intro
00:29 Exterior & Street View
01:26 Metropole Wing Tour
02:37 Opera Wing Tour
04:20 Courtyard & Pool Tour
06:08 Bamboo Bar
06:56 Le Balcon
07:52 Room Tour
13:43 Room Service
13:59 Le Club Bar
15:13 Breakfast Service
15:49 Fitness Center
16:13 Final Thoughts & Transfer
16:48 The Flip Flop Score

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Note: This is not a promotional video. All accommodation and food were paid for at publicly available prices, out of pocket.

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