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DUBAI, UAE - We’re in Dubai, and today we’re going on a huge local food tour with my friend @RuzainaHadgie . She’s taking us to a few of her favorite restaurants for affordable Dubai food - from local Emirati food to Bangladeshi food to Kerala Indian food.

Here are all the places we went:

Arabian Tea House ( - First up on this Dubai food tour we went to Arabian Tea House which is one of the most well known Emirati restaurants and cafes in the city. Completely by coincidence we happen to meet up with the owner, Ali Al Rais, who hung out with us and showed us some of his favorite dishes on the menu. We ordered the Emirati breakfast set, plus Ali’s favorite breakfast, which included eggs scrambled with tomato. An amazing restaurant, great atmosphere and delicious local food.

Al Damyati Restaurant ( - Next up we went to Al Damyati Restaurant, an Egyptian restaurant, to eat their legendary grilled lamb chops. They were spectacular, and incredibly juicy. Additionally we had some Egyptian pickles and hummus.

Bondhu Restaurant ( - Next up on this ultimate Dubai food tour we went to Bondhu Restaurant, a hole in the wall Bangladeshi restaurant. Their biryani and variety of Bangladeshi curries were incredibly flavorful. Once you have a meal like this, so packed with flavor, it’s hard to ever go back to less spicy food. An amazing place and highly recommended in Dubai.

Aaraamam Restaurant ( - Aaraamam Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in Kerala Indian food, most famously for their beef fry and paratha. The combination is out of this world, beef chunks in either dry or gravy form, with so many spices, coconut, and curry leaves, all sopped up with extremely flaky paratha. There’s not doubt this is one of the best things to eat when you’re in Dubai.

Fish Market Dubai - Finally to wrap up this food tour in Dubai, we drove out to the Fish Market Dubai. The fish market is nicely set up and quite clean, and there’s a huge range of different seafood to choose from. Unfortunately it can be a bit of an aggressive environment. But hold strong choose your seafood and make sure you agree on a price. After you buy your seafood, you can then go to a restaurant and have them cook it on spot. A nice Dubai seafood experience and a great way to end this amazing food tour.

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