50 Minutes to Save the World

Amir Zakeri

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The past 5 months have consisted of traveling with the http://karmagawa.com team to 7 countries around the world, documenting the degradation of locals reefs and the critical state of the oceans. We interviewed many marine biologists, locals, and did a lot of diving. There’s one thing when you see things on a screen.. then it’s another when you see it for your own eyes. For this Kansas boy, its been an eye opening experience. It’s so scary what’s happening to our oceans and how fast we’ve ruined it. Out of sight out of mind? Ignorance is bliss? Welp... that lead us here, and it's up to you and me to change this!

Raising awareness and spreading the message is the first step in saving the reefs and our oceans! Share this video will all of your friends, family and followers on social media to help get the word out about this urgent crisis.

Learn more about the charities that dedicate their lives to saving coral reefs all over the world at

Lastly, it's my birthday wish that you not only share this video, but also take action. Stop supporting the companies who make these products that are poisoning our oceans and environment. They only produce if there is demand, so if we don't give them our dollar... they will be forced to change for the better. Let’s make them change!

Produced by

Amir Zakeri


Justin Kalani Burbage


Albin Larsson
Cameron Erman (Hawaii 2050)

Sound Design

Kevin Senzaki
Amir Zakeri


Amir Zakeri
Justin Kalani Burbage
Dean Miller
Pablo Cogollos
Mack Ladner
Perrin James
Andre Musgrove
Jeff Panella
Michael Dornellas
Anthony Kdo
Ben Ono
Micah Niinuma
Nolan Omura
Cobian Dewey
Colton Haynes
Ben Mikha
Pierre Lambert
Kori Garza
Michael Dyrland (Hazmat Surfing)
Terry Lilley
Andy Casagrande IV
Malina Fagan
Additional footage courtesy of Reefs At Risk film


Mat Abad
Timothy Sykes
Brother Nature
Eva Gutowski
Jay Alvarrez
Elisha Herbert
Renee Herbert
Nainoa Langer
Sam Potter
Chelsea Yamase
Sam Kolder
Tessa Brooks
Neels Visser
Rachel Cook
Madison Stewart
Alex Smith
Koa Smith
Travis Smith
Ocean Ramsey
Juan Oliphant
Brian Guadagno
Irma Dubois
Salwa Razzouk
Dustin Barca
Janelle Chanona
Meaghen McCord
Titouan Bernicot
Dr. Craig Downs

Special thanks to
Redefined Media
Ryan Seabring
Lorenzo Ballarin
Alexander Zakeri
George Heaton
Michael Heaton
Jeff Vanags
Quin Schrock
Jess Wandering
Ramses Principe
Andrew Ng
Benjamin Liu
Sharon Pak
Inka Williams
Erin Nunez
Lynn Pelletier
Great Barrier Reef Legacy
Reef Restoration Foundation
Hamanasi Resort Belize
Raffles Resort
Four Season Ko’olina
Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort
Marine Conservation Society Seychelles
South African Shark Conservancy
Coral Gardeners
Frank Among
Kualoa Ranch

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